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Whether you are a Little Nugget, Tween Nugget, Teen Nugget or Adult Nugget we can accommodate the Perfect Party Package for you*

Pop Party Packages are all about music & dancing. You can dance to our signature CD or have us make up a CD of 10 of your favorite songs by your favorite artist(s).

Pop-A-Nugget along with 2 or more of the PN Royals of your choice are ready to host your PARTY!!!   

Adults we know how you like to line dance. Guess what? They do too~

No matter the occasion have Pop-A-Nugget personally deliver you a nugget tray.


Surprise someone with a Pop-A-Gram! Two of the PN Royals will sing our signature birthday song plus 2 more songs, present the birthday person with balloons, nugget box or cup-cream cake and a special gift from Pop for only $300.00.

Pop-A-Grams can also be used to cheer someone up for a Get Well, make someone smile with a Just Because or just simply use it for whatever special event you prefer.

Nursery Rhyme Party Package

Pop-A-Nugget Theme Parties feature the Colors, Music & Artist of your Choice

90 Minutes * Ages (3-5) * 12 Invited Guests * $749.00

  • Pop-A-Nugget Invitations & Thank You Card

  • Decorations & Table Set-up

  • CD of all nursery rhyme favorites to be played and interacted with throughout the party and for Birthday Prince or Princess to keep

  • Music shakers, sing-a-longs & dance move contest with prizes

  • Pop-A-Nugget Standard Party Tray, Beverage & Water

  • Water based “Pop” tattoos (Fairy Cee-Cee tattoos are available also)

  • Group & individual pictures with the Birthday Prince or Princess & Pop

  • Birthday Gift from Pop to the Prince or Princess will be a Custom T-shirt & CD


Invite Fairy Cee-Cee to join in the fun with her yummy cup-cream cakes for $200.00

Personalize your own wings or tiara or crown

Water based Fairy Cee-Cee tattoos

Group & individual pictures with the Birthday Prince or Princess & Fairy Cee-Cee  


“You Pop Your Way” Pop Party

Ages 6 & up * 2.5 Hours * 12 Invited Guests * $999.00

We have our own Pop-A-Nugget CD or we will personalize a CD of your child’s favorite artist or music genre that will be played during the party and given as one of the birthday gifts along with a Pop t-shirt

Still not clear? Ok, we will ask you what kind of music does your child like or who is your child’s favorite artist. Let’s say your child loves Pop music & is torn between Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber, no problem, he/she will have a Pop themed party with music featuring those two artists. 

  • Pop-A-Nugget Invitations & Thank You Cards 

  • Decorations & Table Set-up

  • Party Theme: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, etc.

  • Clothing, wigs, accessories & instruments to help bring the music theme to life

  • Dance contest with prizes

  • Pop’s dance & sing along songs

  • Pop Tattoos

  • Face Painter, Magician or Clown

  • Mini Candy Station

  • Pop-A-Nugget Large Party Tray, Beverage & Water

  • Group and individual pictures with Pop and the Birthday Prince or Princess with Backdrop

  • Birthday Gift from Pop to the Prince or Princess will be a Custom T-shirt, CD & 10% off of coupon for a Party Tray

  • Standard Party favors plus 3 options

  • Each Additional Child $35.00


Have his lady friend Fairy Cee-Cee accompany him for an additional $200.00 she’ll entertain you with her party activities and delicious cup-cream cakes

Personalize your own tiara or crown with paint, crayons, glitter, jewels & feathers (minimum age 6)

Dress-up with an assortment of boas, jewelry, fans, glasses & gloves then take a group & individual glam picture with Fairy Cee-Cee



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