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POP-A-NUGGET® is an entertainment company who takes pride in serving Philadelphia, PA and the tri-state area. We offer custom PARTY packages for children of all ages because it is our pleasure to provide all your party needs.

If your special event involves children, who are our primary concern, we are the perfect addition to any occasion.

BOOK us at your Next EVENT - such as - block parties, street festivals, fairs, fundraisers, community events, business grand openings, corporate events, day care, school parties, etc.


“Pop-A-Nugget’s best intentions are to become the talk of the town when it comes to an amazing memorable experience.


Is to continue to grow the business with more innovative characters, music and concepts.

About the Characters

Pop is an energetic dancing nugget whose mission is to give you a fun filled, fantabulous experience. He has his own original music and dance moves. He even has his own dance called the Pop-A-Nugget. If you don’t already know how to do the Pop-A-Nugget dance, Pop and his sidekicks the PN Royals will be happy to teach you. We guarantee his knowledge of music and dance will have all ages thoroughly entertained.

Fairy Cee-Cee is a dainty cupcake fairy princess. Her etiquette is impeccable and she exemplifies elegance and grace. Her tea and or princess parties are engaging and we are sure that after having Fairy Cee-Cee host your party you’ll be the talk of the town*

PN Royals

Pop’s sidekicks are Kid Hype, Lady T, Jaye, Chy & K.A. These adorable little ladies rap, dance, play games and will entertain you to the fullest. They know all the popular and current dance moves and will participate in friendly dance battles where the winner gets a trophy.

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